Becky Way Pastel Workshop




(NOTE: For beginners trying pastels for the first time, I will have small kits available for $15 

which will include pastels, charcoal, and paper.)


For those who have them: PASTELS:


    Soft: Several bright warms like red, orange, yellow, etc

    Several bright cools like blues, greens, purples, etc.

    (Ludwig, Sennelier, Great American, Schminke, etc.), the more you have, the better

    Hard: a few bright Nu-Pastels (the Nu-Pastel set of 12 is perfect). Black stick required.




    Black Art Spectrum Sanded Paper (not white or light), optional burnt sienna

    Wallis, Art Spectrum or U-Art, toned black with calligraphic black ink 

    Size - 8x10 (9x12 is okay, too, if you want to work larger), plus a few smaller scraps




     Vine charcoal stick Board to hold paper 

     Paper towels Baby-wipes

     Tinfoil Trash bag

     Masking tape to tape paper to board Soft makeup brush for gently knocking off pastel

     or large Bulldog clips Scissors

     Old calendar for transporting paintings Trash bag or other floor cover under your easel

     If you like to stand, a standing easel; if you prefer to sit, table easels will be available in the studio.